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$100  Per Hour

One on One sessions, with Trainer Phillip Hughes, are a great way to be hands on throughout the entire training process. Phillip will work with you, the handler, on communicating with your dog in a way that it can understand. Dogs desire leadership and we will help you get there.

Sessions are held at our farm. Customized In Home sessions can be discussed and arranged. 

Each session goes at the dogs pace and you are under no obligation to use the sessions consecutively. Buy one or buy a package. Homework will be given and the next session can not occur if the dog cant complete the previously learned task. 

You will see immediate improvement with 1 session. 

Issues sessions can help with:

Heel- Loose Leash Walk- No more pulling




Off- no Jumping

Kennel Training

Food Aggression


Place Command

No Biting

One on One Training Sessions at Legendary K9 Georgia
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