Are You A New Fur-rent? Here Are Training Tips for a Well Behaved Pet

Having a dog in your life is one of the greatest joys. But what if you’re not ready to be a dog owner yet? Maybe you’ve heard about the responsibility involved in dog ownership and aren’t sure you can manage it. Or maybe you simply don’t have the time to commit to training a dog, cleaning up after a dog, playing with a dog, or spending quality time with your new furry friend.

Whatever the reason, you might be wondering if there’s another way to enjoy the company of a loyal doggy companion without making that lifelong commitment that comes with pet ownership…


Before you bring the cutest dog home, consider what they need physically and mentally and if you can commit to taking care of them.

Remember that when you get a dog, they rely on you for everything. You could have your own life, work, and friends to rely on but they only have you. Knowing which dog suits you, your lifestyle, and your environment by doing thorough research on the breeds, or even better, the people who took care of them first, can give you an idea of which furry friend will be a match for you.

Teach The Most Important Commands First

Commands like sit, down, and stay don’t only help your dog be good at home but also outside when they are exposed to new surroundings.

Some of the most important commands are above which will all strengthen the bond between you and your dog in the long run. What’s vital is teaching these tricks at an early age as these are the ones they will remember the best.

Train On Schedule and Be Consistent

Training your dogs at the same time every day and stick with the established commands or rules you’ve set. This will make your dog know what to expect and feel comfortable while doing so. The same goes for their eating schedule, walks, and bathroom breaks.

Being consistent with the rules you’ve set since they were a puppy will reduce their confusion and increase retention of the commands.

Dog ownership is a rewarding experience, but it involves a lot of work and can be tricky at times. Be prepared—knowledge is power when it comes to training your new dog!

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